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  • 05.12.2016: 6 di 6 punti per Hair Point GmbH da Willisau
    "Kompetente Coiffeusen, top Beratung und schonende Bahandlungen. Nach einer Coiffeurpanne, habe ich meine Haare Coiffeur Hair Point anvertraut - Es war die beste Entscheidung und das Ergebnis ist besser als ich es mir vorgestellt habe."
  • 29.11.2016: 6 di 6 punti per coiffure styl femme homme da Aarau
    "Super Coiffeur! Tolls Team, schöni Atmosphäre & no de besser Haarschnitt!"
  • 17.11.2016: 6 di 6 punti per Haarchitektur Damen/Herren Coiffeur da Lucerna
  • 27.10.2016: 5 di 6 punti per Intercoiffure Dätwyler da Horgen
    "The only reason for not giving a 6 to this salon is the prices, however I do think that one gets what one pays for. This is a high quality salon that encourages the stylists to further themselves and their skills through entering competitions. They have an impressive collection of awards in competitions, shown on the website,including at least one prestigious first prize. If you wish to keep the costs down, it's probably best to make this clear from the beginning as the stylists concentrate on making your hair look it's best and may use extra conditioning products if they consider it necessary. I have been there many times and it is my experience that they use extra products judiciously as necessary, but they should really ask your permission first. There is a lovely head massage offered and always tea or coffee and a healthy snack is on offer. The staff are friendly and polite. I usually ask for a master stylist as I have "difficult" hair and don't use makeup very often so I like my hair at least to look good! My daughter, son and husband also use the Salon and sometimes have students working under supervision or other stylists and the quality of the cuts is always good. I have observed that there is a tendency for the less qualified stylists to sometimes cut hair a bit shorter than one would have liked. I think that the more experience a stylist has the more accurate they become with length, so if this concerns you, I would recommend a senior stylist or above, or you could try asking the more junior stylists to leave the hair longer than you actually want! There is always somebody available who can translate for English-speaking customers if necessary and even recent issues of English language ladies magazines available to read while you wait for hair colour to develop etc. It is also possible to make an appointment for application of "permanent" make-up (such as eyelash tint) at the same time as having your hair done."
  • 22.10.2016: 6 di 6 punti per Serna Coiffure GmbH da Zurigo
    "Erste coiffure in der schweiz , die Ahnung hat"
  • 20.10.2016: 1 di 6 punti per Fancy Hair Design GmbH da Aarau
    "Eine Katastrophe. Eine Kollegin, musste mir die Haare fertig schneiden. Der Coiffeur hat kein Deutsch verstanden und die Kollegin meinte, dass dieser ziemlich sicher keine Ausbildung zum Coiffeur hat. Zwar günstig aber ein no go. Hände bzw. Haare weg von diesem Laden."

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Parrucchiere in Svizzera: Parrucchieri e barbieri per Taglio, Shampoo, essiccazione, piega, permanente, colorazione, mèches, updos, Acconciature da sposa, estensione, rasatura, Parrucchiere per bambini, Salone di bellezza qui presso il confronto dei barbieri in Svizzera.

Il confronto dei barbieri in Svizzera include più di 3500 saloni de parrucchiere di tutta la Svizzera.

I barbieri possono inserire il loro proprio salone registrandosi e cliccando in seguito su "gestisci inserzione". Per ulteriori informazioni, utilizzare il seguente numero telefonico: +41 (0) 43 377 12 40.